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 Pop  Latin  Electronica
 Cashmere  FM Dos  Frequency
 FM-1  La Musica  Kinetic
 Hitline  Latin Hits  Strobe
 Hot FM  Latin Jazz  Lounge
 Metro  Mojito  NuLounge
 Reflections  Viva Mariachi  Uptown
 Shine  Country  Jazz & Blues
 Songbook  Country Gold  City Lights
 Rock  Country Music 1  Impressions
 Adult Alternative  Nashville USA  Jazz Traditions
 Feedback  Renegade Country  Lucille
 Perimeter  Urban  Plaza
 Roadhouse  Concrete Beats  Swing Kings
 Rock Show  Mo Soul  Unforgettable
 Stylus  The Blvd  World
 The New Wave  Body & Soul  Belissimo
 Varsity  Aura  Kingston
 Classics & Decades  Moodscapes  Little Italy
 50s & 60s Hits  The Circuit  Quebecois
 60s Pop Hits  Religious  Tropical Breezes
 70s Hits  The Light  Classical & Instrumental
 80s Hits  Specialty & Lifestyle  Easy Instrumentals
 90s Hits  Expressions  Ensemble
 7890  Kidtunes  Environmental
 Ambrosia  Love Songs  Intermezzo
 Classic Hits  The Beach  Piano & Guitar
   The Cafe  Holiday
   The Party Playlist  Oktoberfest
     Summer Fun