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 Cashmere  FM Dos  Frequency
 FM-1  La Musica  Kinetic
 Hitline  Latin Jazz  Strobe
 Hot FM  Mojito  LOUNGE:
 Metro  Viva Mariachi  Chilltopia
 Reflections  COUNTRY:  NuLounge
 Shine  Country Gold  Uptown
 Songbook  Country Music 1  JAZZ & BLUES:
 ROCK:  Nashville USA  City Lights
 Adult Alternative  Renegade Country  Impressions
 Feedback  URBAN:  Jazz Traditions
 Perimeter  Concrete Beats  Lucille
 Roadhouse  Mo Soul  Plaza
 Rock Show  The Blvd  Swing Kings
 Stylus  BODY & SOUL:  Unforgettable
 The New Wave  Aura  WORLD:
 Varsity  Moodscapes  Belissimo
 CLASSICS & DECADES:  The Circuit  Kingston
 50s & 60s Hits  RELIGIOUS:  Little Italy
 60s Pop Hits  The Light  Quebecois
 70s Hits  SPECIALTY & LIFESTYLE:  Tropical Breezes
 80s Hits  Expressions  CLASSICAL & INSTRUMENTAL:
 90s Hits  Kidtunes  Easy Instrumentals
 7890  Love Songs  Ensemble
 Ambrosia  The Beach  Environmental
 Classic Hits  The Cafe  Intermezzo
   The Party Playlist  Piano & Guitar
     Rivieria Discotheque
     Summer Fun